Established in 2015, Seymac is specialized in designing and producing protective case for mobile devises like tablet and laptop. After years of ups and downs in development, we have successfully gained a foothold. Seymac founder Jean Cheng foresaw the business opportunity of cross-border e-commerce. He therefore founded Seymac and started to expand to international market.

SEYMAC, the brand name, is constituted by SEY and MAC. SEY, inspired by Safe and Hey, symbolizes our extreme pursuit of protection and aspiration to protect mobile devices worldwide. While MAC, the combination of Master and Case, represents our ambition of becoming the top one in the industry.

Seymac features its protective and functional cases for tablet and laptop, with design, R&D, production and sales all in one. By sticking to our own business philosophy, we gains customer trust worldwide with product quality and considerate service. Seymac focuses on shockproof performance, supplemented with multi-function. Always take PROTECTION as our first priority.

Armor protects body. Seymac does the same for tablet and laptop. We take PROTECTION as our own mission, aiming to become the firmest shield for each tablet and laptop on your hand.