High-quality protection is what we strongly pursue.

Why Choose Seymac

High-quality protection is what we strongly pursue. Seymac has been focusing on tablet protection technology, design and manufacture for more than 10 years.

Our Story

Seymac's journey began as an electronic accessories store under the umbrella of Best Buy in New York. Frustrated with the monotonous PU tablet cases, our founders recognized the need for a more practical solution for families.

After relentless effort, we developed a tablet case that absorbs impact and guards against dust, meeting the growing demand for shock-proof protection. For years, Seymac has been dedicated to crafting a range of shock-proof cases, aiming to serve various usage scenarios with affordability. We strictly adhere to packaging standards set by globally renowned brands, providing screen protectors, built-in stands, and shoulder straps for designated products. The result of these endeavors has exceeded our expectations in durability and versatility.

We proudly extend our products to numerous countries worldwide, earning the trust of our users.

Protection is paramount in outdoor adventures. Seymac's protective case not only effectively absorbs impact but also provides dust resistance, ensuring your tablet remains in optimal condition.

In the fast-paced world of the workplace, our protective cases offer steadfast defense for your tablet. Whether presenting in a boardroom or working remotely in a café, our products guarantee the safety of your device.

Understanding parents' concerns for their children, Seymac's protective cases are meticulously designed to provide a secure shield for games and learning. We use safe materials and emphasize lively and engaging designs to ensure children's fondness for our products.

Focusing on QC and making big improvements, Seymac achieves 5-star average ratings on Amazon, and sales explode.

Extraordinarily Durable, Distinctively Stylish

At Seymac, we help you protect your devices with style.

We’re as big on aesthetics as we are on authenticity. Take your pick from an incredible array of designs and styles. Vibrant and creative.

Protection You Can Trust!

Protection You Can Trust!